Western Laboratories specializes in agricultural water. The major problem with agricultural water is that it contains levels of nutrients that can restrict maximum crop production.  Our report contains guidelines that are simple to follow and generally need no further explanation.  

We also do E. coli and total coliform bacteria in water for your GAP program. For the GAP program we report the amount of total coliform bacteria and E. coli in MPN (Most Probable Number). We provide complete sampling kits with instructions. They are MANDATORY for us to preform the correct testing.

During the summer we have couriers going to Eastern Idaho and the Columbia Basin (WA) to bring the water samples that you collected. If we do not pick them up in your area, please keep the samples in a cooler with ice (no dry ice) and submit them to the lab asap. For submission forms for this testing, click HERE

To see the prices of the different test we provide, click HERE. For your convenience example reports are in the Downloads section. 

For any further questions please contact us



Drinking Water Example Report (pdf)


GAP Water Example Report (pdf)


Nutrient Water Example Report (pdf)